About Us

Meet Leslie!

Leslie has lived in Colorado since 1991. Her parents moved to Littleton and bought a house within walking distance to Ken Caryl Equestrian Center. Sharing her mom’s love of horses, her family bought their first two horses; a pony named Cactus Prince aka “Prince” and a horse named Copper Penny aka “Penny.” Leslie grew up in the CHJA circuit on Prince and also participated in the mounted drill team called Westernaires on Penny. Leslie made it to the CHJA Medal Finals as well as to the Varsity Big Red team in Westernaires. Leslie dedicated her younger years to horses and decided to go one step further in her adult life.

Leslie attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. She majored in Equine Science and took courses in equine reproduction, management, colt training as well as participated in the IHSA team. Leslie graduated with a bachelors degree in Equine Science in 2005. She was immediately offered a job  at Ken Caryl as a riding instructor in their school program. Since then, she has become an independent instructor and formed Easy Street Equine Training in 2009.

Since then, Leslie and taught hundred’s of kids, teens and adults how to ride. She’s spent her life teaching and watching her students grow from beginner riders to show champions.  She has trained horses from various backgrounds, rescues, and even from the feedlot where they were destined for slaughter.


As the name suggests, Easy Street is the place to come to learn how to understand the horse through movement and communication in a safe and fun environment.