For Sale

PERCY – $1,500


Percy is a 2 year old grade QH type with a slightly sad story to tell. His mom was pulled from the slaughter lot without knowing she was pregnant. By the time she was 10 months old, her owners knew something was up and the ultrasounded. SURPRISE! Percy was born at the Easy Street Equine Training Center a couple weeks later. His dam immediately rejected him and became dangerous towards him. Despite his sad beginning to life, he PERSISTED in being a cuddly, friendly and outgoing foal. After several days of bottle feeding and searching, we found him a nurse mare so he could grow up as normal as possible. Leslie brought him back and he has been lightly started as a 2 year old. Carries a saddle, lunges, basic ground manners and has been ground driven with a bit. Been sat on once at a walk. He will be an easy and safe project for a teenager or adult looking for a horse with a hilarious attitude. Very low-key, in-your-pocket personality.

CALVIN – $3,500

Calvin is the most personable horse there is! He’s always happy to meet you and be your buddy. He is a registered Thoroughbred who came off the track in 2016. His heart wasn’t in racing. During his time at ESETC he’s been enjoying some let down time from the track and has been restarted as a jumper. He’s very willing, forgiving and eager to please. He’s not the type to run off under saddle and he’s not spooky. Very level headed and have I mentioned his personality?!? He will crib if left in a stall so he’s been enjoying time out in the field. Current video available here

GENIE – sold!


Genie is an 11 year old thoroughbred . She never raced but her sire won over $500,000! She is showing great promise for a junior or amateur rider for the hunter or equitation ring. Been ridden by beginners and more advanced riders. She jumps easily over all kinds of jumps and has schooled up to 2’6″. She a beautiful sorrel color and really shines in the sun! Easy keeper and very pleasing personality. Please contact Leslie to come meet her.


SOLD! Voodoo is an honest horse with lots of patience and forgiveness. He is a good horse for beginners and intermediate riders. He is available for lease as a jumper, trail or pleasure. Please contact Stephanie at 720-490-1791 for more information.

Indigo SOLD! Indy is now a valuable horse in the easy Street school program.


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 Oliver SOLD! Congratulations to Jenna Boyles of Colorado Springs!


Birdie SOLD! Congratulations to Lauren Frazier of Longmont!














Armani       SOLD!!