Schedule 2018

3/17 to3/18         Group II          Marches On                         Colorado Horse Park, Parker
4/7 to4/8             Group II          Spring Into Spring I           Fox Hill Equestrian Center
4/14 to4/15         Group II         Welcome to Spring              Colorado Horse Park, Parker
4/28 to4/29        Group II         No More Snow                     Colorado Horse Park, Parker
5/6 to5/7             Group II         Jump Into Summer            Colorado Horse Park, Parker
5/10 to5/13        Group I           Colorado Spring Preview    Colorado Horse Park, Parker
5/12 to5/13        Group II          Spring Into Spring II          Fox Hill Equestrian Center
5/17 to5/20        Group I           Colorado Spring Classic      Colorado Horse Park, Parker
5/19 to5/20        Group II         May Madness                      Fox Hill Equestrian Center
5/24 to5/27        Group I           Colorado Spring Final         Colorado Horse Park, Parker
5/26 to5/27        Group II         Hobby Horse Spring           Hobby Horse Farms, Firestone
6/2 to6/3            Group II         Coventry Farms Summer Coventry Farms
6/6 to6/10         Group I            Summer in the Rockies I   Colorado Horse Park, Parker
6/9 to6/10         Group II          Jump Into June                   Colorado Horse Park, Parker
6/13 to6/17       Group I            Summer in the Rockies II         Colorado Horse Park, Parker
6/20 to6/24      Group I            Summer in the Rockies III        Colorado Horse Park, Parker
6/23 to6/24      Group II          Cross the Meadow Farm II ‘      Cross the Meadow Farm
6/27 to7/1         Group I            Summer in the Rockies IV         Colorado Horse Park, Parker
6/30 to7/1        Group II           Hobby Horse Summer            Hobby Horse Farms, Firestone
7/4 to7/8          Group I             Summer in the Rockies V       Colorado Horse Park, Parker
7/6 to7/8          Group II           Fun in the Sun                      Fox Hill Equestrian Center
7/11 to7/15      Group I             Summer in the Rockies VI     Colorado Horse Park, Parker
7/18 to7/22     Group I             Summer in the Rockies VII Colorado Horse Park, Parker
7/19 to7/22     Group II           Copper Penny I               Estes Park Events Complex
7/25 to7/29     Group II           Copper Penny II             Estes Park Events Complex
7/25 to7/29     Group I             Estes Park Hunter Jumper Festival        Estes Park Events Complex
8/11 to8/12     Group II           In Stride Invitational              Fox Hill Equestrian Center
8/25 to8/26    Group II           Meridian Riding Club Summers End       Colorado Horse Park, Parker
9/1 to9/2        Group II            Gold Crest Summerfest              Colorado Horse Park, Parker
9/6 to9/9        Group I              Colorado Fall Preview                Colorado Horse Park, Parker
9/8 to9/9        Group II            Blue Cloud Horse Show              Blue Cloud Farms, Longmont
9/13 to9/16    Group I              Colorado Fall Classic                  Colorado Horse Park, Parker
9/15 to9/16    Group II            Fall Fun Horse Show                 Fox Hill Equestrian Center
9/29 to9/30    Group II           The Wild Ranch                         Helicon Show Stables
10/20 to10/21 Group II          Helicon Fall Finale                    Helicon Show Stables